Attention hip hop artists, R&B singers, singer songwriters, and content creators. Here at Heisttrack.com we have produced a number of RnB Beats that are 100% royalty free. With a combined total of over 150+ instrumentals you have a plethora of instrumental music on hand to write songs, collaborate with other artists, music for video backgrounds and commentary videos.

RnB Instrumental Beats are sub-genre of hip-hop music. Mainly driven by hip hop drum sound mixed with softer smoother instrumentation. The majority of modern rnb beats are driven by commercial trap drum beats mixed with commercial pop instrumental sounds.

You can hear modern commercial R&B instrumental music with artist like Taylor Swift, Bryson Tiller, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Ty Dollar Sign, Future, and Ariana Grande.

The majority of the RnB instrumentals found on this site are inspired by the trap-soul movement, which was coined by Bryson Tiller. You can also hear instrumentals that Drake raps over has heavily influenced the creation of the majority of the music found on this very website.

If you listen to both Drake's modern RnB Sound and Bryson Tiller's Trap Soul you will hear common elements that define modern trap rnb sound. The majority of which have deep open spaces both for a rapper and singer to vibe over in both the verses and the hook.

Other elements include a chopped and screwed female vocal sound, heavy 808 trap drums, all of which are driven by chords which are created by pad sounds. These pad sound provide both the smooth calming vibe where the artist tends to sing or rap about past and future relationships. 

All of the beats here on Heisttrack.com are available for lease and 100% royalty free. Please use the drop down menu's below for lease right details and demo download terms and conditions. If you have additional enquires about the RnB Beats listed here please feel free to hit the contact button above for assistance.

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