Freestyle Beats are some of the most popular beats with modern hip hop artists, YouTubers, and content creators. They are a very versatile instrumental as they tend to be very catchy from the getgo. The majority of freestyle rap beats tend to be 8 or 16-bar loops without any hook or traditional song structure.

The purpose of freestyle rap beats is to provide the rap artist with a simplistic and uncomplicated instrumental so that he or she can shine by showcasing their ability to spit raps without writing them down.

Freestyle rap beats help the rap artist learn various rhythming schemes, how to develop their flow and build up their vocabulary to help them write lyrics. You see a lot of freestyle instrumentals used in rap battles. The simplistic song structure allows the rapper to get straight to the point of his or her lyrics.

Freestyle beats at one time were just seen as old-school boom-bap beats. These beats were traditionally sampled from old soul and jazz records.

Modern freestyle beats have incorporated the familiar and commercial trap minimalist sound. Freestyle trap beats have the undertone of trap-style drum sounds while the minimalist instrumentation still has some origins with flipped lo-fi samples.

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