May 7

Smooth Freestyle Rap Beat


- "Freestyle Freedom" - BPM 70

This is my Smooth Freestyle Rap Beat which is more of a laid back smooth jazz beat, similar to the laid back type beats you can hear J Cole rap over. It's more of a reflection type beat or a storytelling beat. Perfect for rappers that want to rap about an event in their life.

Most up and coming rappers like these jazz soul freestyle type beats as they have a constant hook through the beat without too many changeups that can sometimes kill their creative flow. With the launch of J Coles KOD and in particular his 1985 track with is a very simple more agressive boom-bap instrumental.

I still took solace from a lot of the music that featured on this album.With influence from J Coles previous work I really wanted to make a very simple soul jazz freestyle beat for any rapper to rap over, but I really want the melody to stand out to make it more radio friendly.

If you would like to use this beat in a mixtape album or single please feel free to use the link above, which will take you directly to the instrumental player on my website where you can purchase the lease rights. 

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