September 23

Rick Ross Trap Beat – “The Return”


"The Return" - BPM 140

I feel that this instrumental represents that kind of trap instrumental sound. Whereas the verses are more active than the hook of incomplete instrumental this is where the rapper would actually rap the hook of the instrumental compared to where predominantly someone else sings the hook for Rick Ross.

I did this because I wanted the artist to shine that's why you hear heavier weights with minimalist instrumentation in the verses full stop I just use pad sounds and various Kirk sounds to keep the instrumental moving without taking away from too much from the rapper.

If you want to purchase this trap instrumental for your mixtape album or single please use the link underneath the video here you will find a link to my website this is where I sell my beats online and you can use your mind Productions in your mixtapes albums and singles purchase a license that suits your needs.This is my latest Rick Ross type trap beats Called The Return.

The beat has a BPM of 140. I produce this hip-hop instrumental in the style of Trap music and rap artist Rick Ross usual I'm rapping over. This is really kind of CD dark time trap instrumental. Listening to a lot of Rick Ross's instrumentals on various albums and mixtapes that he has rapped on and the collaborators he has a Rep with including make Bill and other artists from MMG. 

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