September 23

Hype Trap Beat – “Afraid Of The Dark”


"Afraid Of The Dark" - BPM 105

I created this Hype Trap Beat called Afraid Of The Dark with a BPM 105, in the style of Kanye West featuring Schoolboy Q type beat. This beat is very influenced by Schoolboy Q's track Called that part.There is a lot of movement in this hip-hop instrumental mainly because of the 808 slides.

808 kick drum bass line give movement within the Beat for the rapper vibe too. there's a lot of space in the verse of this rap instrumental so that rappers have a clear vocal in the main section of the instrumental.

I was also conscious to create a quieter hook for this trap beat so that the verses that the rap artist comes up with, will stand out more than the hook of the song.If you listen to that part trail by Schoolboy Q and Kanye West you will see that the vs stick out much more than the hook of the track. the catch you part of that instrumental using really in the end of every verse when the rap artists say that part over and over again. 

if you want to purchase this beat for your mixtape or album single or to play live please click the link above where will take you to my beat website where you can purchase the lease rights to use it in your Productions.  Just to judge if you want the lease rights to these type beats to use in your projects.

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