February 23

Electro Trap Grime Beat – “In My Blood”


 - "In My Blood" - BPM 145

Ever since I heard gigs on Drake's album More life I looked into listening to more of music gigs raps over full stop I found his YouTube channel and started to listen to a lot of the music he rapped over. I was immediately intrigued by his international sounding trap instrumentals with that grime UK bass trap vocal. I was particularly interested in the instrumental whippin excursion.

I felt that I really wanted to create a trap instrumental but make it more of an electro European sound compared to American trap type beats. This was the angle I was trying to get at in the creation of the beat you were listening to above.

I wanted to keep that authentic trap instrumentals sound would have loved and EDM type influences to make it more energetic to be played in a club, but still, leave room for a rap artist to rap over. looking at gigs YouTube channel you see a lot of the videos he shares are of his live shows.

I really had to create an instrumental that had space for a rapper but could be really energetic for live events. Once you have become a member you will get exclusive free contents plus you will also get discount codes on purchasing release rights for any of the beats that I produce.

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